The 21st Century has witnessed several major disasters such as Terrorism, Tsunamis, Snow Storms, Hurricanes Floods and the Bird Flu. These disasters cause so much devastation and destruction that companies or organizations are very slow to recover or they cease to exist after they encounter a major disaster. Because of these disasters, it is necessary to have a Disaster Plan.

A Disaster Plan that will help with the survival when a major business disaster occurs is an E-Business Website Solution. This solution is a virtual office that will handle the five areas of business for a company or organization 24-hours a day and 7 days while a company or organization is trying to make a recovery.

The solution is accessible remotely from any location in the world. Plus it requires a minimal amount of human intervention, which should make it an essential part of your Disaster Plan, because doing a disaster employees may not be able to come to the office or the office may not be available for occupancy.

The E-Business Solution's features are beneficial because they allow for the continuation of the office without any interruptions and it is cost efficient way to operate an office. The acceptance of credit card and debit cards with the e-Commerce feature helps to improves cash flow. Also the e-Banking feature makes it easy to transfer funds and make payments.

The E-Business Solution is very affordable when you compare it with a traditional office location. The total annual cost for a Commercial E-Business Solution is $1500 and for a Non-Profit E-Business Solution the cost is $1200.



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